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10 Epic Break Up Notes



Pizza Box

FAIL. The Pizza is somewhat comforting, but being a coward is no way to break up with someone.


Billboard Break Up

WIN. The sheer magnitude and cost of this break up makes it deserving of a win. It’s just perfect!

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For the pizza box I would take a picture of it and post it where I can tag my ex saying “Thanks to @ my ex, I am now single and have a free pizza… #Winning!” 


Anonymous asked:

do you put milk first or cereal first (this is a very important question pls thank)


cereal first who the frick puts milk first???

if I have very little milk I put the milk first to see how much cereal I can put and not feel like It’s dry. or if there is leftover milk in the bowl the milk goes first cause you put the cereal on top then more milk to even it out. Just saying…

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